Pomelo | Imagen & Mercadeo
Pomelo | Imagen & Mercadeo

We got in to Harvard !!!

Congratulations to our client and investigatorMercedes Monteverde for getting our work " " into the library of Harvard University. We feel each project and success as own. Keep at it Mercedes!

DIrección de arte: Alejo Sánchez
Diseño gráfico, fotografía, digitalización
y asesoramiento editorial:
Pomelo Imagen y Mercadeo

New moments, more pics and challenges.

After a hard teamwork we are glad to introduce and share with yor our brand-new website, together with this meeting place for news. Thanks for the great job and patience to our Computer Systems Engineer Chistian Olza and to our design team.
We hope you like it, share it and work together. Regards!