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Pomelo | Imagen & Mercadeo

Client: Fotógrafos de la Rambla de Mar del Plata/Book
What we did: Editorial design, art, photography and promotional films

Fotógrafos de la Rambla de Mar del Plata Bonnín y Suárez 1900 - 1945 de Mercedes Inés Monteverde


In this case, we developed the art direction, photography and whole design of the book “Fotógrafos de las Ramblas de Mar Del Plata Bonnin y Suárez (1900 -1945)”, written by the researcher Mercedes Inés Monteverde. We worked from the graphic and editorial design to create a balanced overview of all the artwork and historical information which helps to build its personality along with the retelling of its author.

We take great concern about the restoration process of antique photographs, the objective here was to have a book about photography and photographers. After a hard photo editing, more than 280 photographs and documents were adjusted for the printing system and type of printing paper so as to obtain the best results.

This book is on sale in many bookstores around Argentina; also, it is at your disposal in libraries in our country and in prestigious universities such as University of Yale, Tulane, Princeton, North Caroline, Emory, Yarmourth y Brighton among others.

Size: 280 x 190 mm
Page number: 250 pages.
Inner grammage: 120 gsms.Pearl matt.
Cover grammage: 320 gsms. Matt laminated
Artwork: 280 pieces of art